Angry Cats: new free amazing game of 2015. fight against angry AI opponent pets,cats,dogs or play with other people online. You need to control your angry pet to win this fantastic battle. Play for your favorite cat, dog pet character and start this epic battle.

Smart AI, hard to defeat. you can select the number of players to fight with. the more angry animals - the more difficult the game gets. Or play in the Chaos mode and let all angry animals to fight with anyone they get their hands on, who ever make it alive will be the winner. Guaranteed fun game!!!

- Cute cats, dogs pet animal characters.
- Funny animations.
- Cool weapons, guns, pistols, bombs, bats, powerups.
- 7+ single player modes.
- Multiplayer Mode - Fight with people all around the world.
- Chat with other players during game.
- And much more...