Are you a fan of Sоuth Pаrk?
Do you think you are strong enough to fight the forces of evil?
Get your phone and get a free adventure Sоuth Pаrk!
Sоuth Pаrk Adventure: Pirate World is the best platform game you can get. Sure you will be surprised at the level of the game.

In this game, the captain of the pirates Sоuth Pаrk capsizes in the sea after fighting a devastating storm and finding themselves trapped in an indigenous island.
Time for adventure, your goal is to help Pоrk Sоuth pirates to find enough gold, food and jewelry to repair his ship and take adventure again.


Different stages.
Different game modes.
Different monsters.
Professional photos.
Classic game console control.
Easy game for kids.
More than 30 levels.
Beautiful island songs.
Free and without internet.

how to play:

Very simple - just touch the buttons on your phone screen.
Press the top button to jump / double-click the double jump.
Press the left or right button to move.
If you collect coconut, it will appear in the blank button.
You can throw it at the monsters.